Un-dependent project promotes the celebration of freedom from substance abuse, addictive behaviours and dependency on 11th day of each month.
11.11.2011 in the United States by Models Against Addictions Foundation founded by Asia Janina Dyrkacz, who is also a founder and member board in the Life Change Foundation.

The project aims to raise awareness about addictions and works towards ending the stigma of addictions. We believe that addictions are created as the result of a lack of inner harmony. The right way to release from addictions is through a spiritual journey into yourself. We promote relaxation techniques as the best way to work with your own mind to achieve inner happiness and harmony. We also hope to change awareness about addictions.

On 11th day of each month we ask you to stop for 24 hours any addictions, dependency or addictive behaviours. Within the project we conduct meetings, educational programs and public awareness campaigns.