(NIE)zależne is a public awareness campaign about women’s addictions, created by Ilona Felicjańska (Polish model). One of the participant of campaign is Asia Janina Dyrkacz, board member of the Life Change Foundation, who also founded Models Against Addictions Foundation and Un-dependent project in United States.

(Nie)zależne is about women who have experienced and overcome addictions and eating disorders, becoming stronger. Though challenged, their hard work helped them to find themselves. Now, they want to inspire and show others that addiction is not a one way street. It’s a disease that can be overcome with work, by understanding the problem and developing a personal insight.

This campaign addresses the very difficult problem of addictions and eating disorders which has become very important in today’s society. We want to change the stigma and stereotypes, as well as educate people. We are ready to help and support addicted people and their families.

The project began with the release of a calendar inspired by Pirelli calendar photos. Photo session of 12 women with addiction history taken by the photographer, Arcadius Mauritz.

As part of the (Nie)zależne project there are meetings with Ilona Felicjańska and other campaign participants.

More about project: http://www.instytutmilosci.pl/