Life Change Foundation

Who we are

We created Life Change Foundation in 2016 after coming back from the World Culture Festival in India, having an idea to inspire positive change. Everyone can use relaxing techniques which will help live in harmony, with good health and happiness, enable their full potential and be stress and limits free. We believe that most important journey in life is the journey into yourself. Finding inner harmony, we will be happier as a unit and our happiness affects whole society.

What we do

  • We organise training, workshops and events that promote a holistic approach to health and wellbeing
  • we conduct public awareness campaigns
  • we organise educational programs and social activities which aim to increase awareness of addictions
  • We support financially and materially with content to support institutions and projects that have a similar mission to ours
  • We are taking actions which address the growth of social pathology, especially addictions
  • We cooperate with institutions, local and European governments, health care institutions, non-governmental organizations and other like-minded bodies

Our Mission

The mission of the Life Change Foundation is to implement projects and public awareness campaigns promoting a holistic approach to health and lifestyle, using relaxing techniques as an effective way of relieving stress, addictions and diseases. Focussing on personal development, we inspire people to achieve a healthy style of living, make full use of their potential, living a happy life in harmony.

Be changed and the world around you begins to change.

Gerald Epstein

About Us

Sylwia Buczak

Yoga & Relaxation Instructor, Trainer

Experienced sales and marketing manager with good experience in business. She studied International Relations at the University of Warsaw and Marketing & Management at Koźmiński University. She is a graduate of Relaxation and Yoga studies at the University of Physical Education. Passionate about a healthy lifestyle and holistic approach to health. During her studies, Sylwia joined many workshops in Poland and in India where she learned many types of yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation and Ayurveda. Knowing how this can be successful to reduce stress and improve health and quality of life she organized workshops, projects and public awareness campaigns to inspire others.

Asia Janina Dyrkacz

Meditation Coach, Addictions Counsellor, Model

Named one of 100 women making a difference by Today ‘s Chicago Woman magazine. She founded the Models Against Addictions Foundation, creator Un-dependent project. She studied and practiced eastern techniques and treatments, including Vipassana and Kundalini Yoga. Her mission is to end the stigma of addictions within our society and inspiring everyone to be more supportive and knowledgeable about substance abuse disorders, dependencies and addictive behaviours. Introducing yoga & meditation as a successful practice for all addictions. She started modeling when she was 40 years old and appears in Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine and More Magazine  and  has been many times on  runway shows for Hermes in Paris, and 5 national Target commercials and many others.

Małgorzata Szczepańska

Sociologist, Photographer, Trainer

She worked for polish TV as a journalist. She studied Sociology at the University of Warsaw and Photography at the Association of Polish Art Photographers. She has participated in many exhibitions. Experienced in PR & HR, mainly focused on working with people. She was responsible  for process management, creating and implementing HR procedures in one of the biggest polish public administration institutions. She is a passionate and promoter of slow food and healthy style of living. For the last 5 years she has been practicing yoga, meditation. Her goal is to promote,  propagate and train people in how to deal with stress and how to improve their quality of life with meditation and breathing techniques. She loves working with people.